The Building Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with access to quality education globally. The Building Fund was founded in 2004 in response to the need for students of the Tuskegee International School of Ghana, West Africa to receive the supplies, scholarships, and facilities necessary for students succeed in school.



As a charitable foundation TBF works to create and sustain opportunities in education by ensuring that resources in the form of classes, schools, scholarships, volunteer opportunities and educational funding, is available to as many children as the organization is capable of reaching.



The development and expansion of educational opportunities worldwide is crucial to the advancement of children. We value: Funding that ensures and improves educational infrastructure, materials and personnel. Expanding and improving educational opportunities, for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Teachers with proper and continuous training, who encourage active learning and participation from students. The exchange of students and adults to learn, teach, and share in developing educational opportunities. 



Through grants and donations, as well as the hard work of board members and volunteers, TBF will create and sustain opportunities in education by supporting the structural completion and maintenance of each school served, scholarships for students, on site teacher training, and the engagement on volunteers to visit schools.